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أول عربي مسلم يفوز الأمريكية ريما فقيه ملكة جمال الولايات المتحدة 2010 عنوان

Lebanese American Rima Fakih made history when she became the newest titleholder of Miss Michigan USA. She is the first Arab American Muslim woman to hold such a title. Fifty-one contestants from every state and the District of Columbia took to the stage Sunday at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino to compete for the title of Miss USA and the opportunity for a place in the Miss Universe pageant. Read, watch video and see more images after the break...

أنا ملكة جمال الولايات المتحدة ، وليس ملكة جمال الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية الدين ريما فقيه
Rima Fakih, the Lebanese-American, ‘liberal Muslim’ Miss USA from Michigan, has a fascinating interview at the religion site Patheos  revealing that she is surprise pretty much like most 24-year-old on the spiritual front. She’s a mash-up and she’s proud of it: “I’m Miss USA, not Miss Religion USA.” Read more after the break...

Nawal George Al Zoghbi (نوال الزغبي) is a talented Lebanese singer. Born to a Maronite Catholic  family in the coastal small town of Byblos,she holds Canadian citizenship.Al Zoghbi is the oldest born among three brothers and one sister. Al Zoghbi began singing at an early age, despite familial opposition to the lifestyle of a musician. Members of her family changed their minds when they realized she was serious in her ambitions. In 1988 she participated in the Lebanese talent show Studio El Fan.In 1990 she married Lebanese music manager Elie Deeb and went on to have three children with him. Take a look at some really hot pictures of Nawal Al-Zoghbi, hope you will like our collection. See more images and watch video of this beautiful lady after the break...قراءة المزيد ومشاهدة الفيديو من هذه سيدة جميلة في الشوط الثاني...

المغنية اللبنانية ميريام فارس والموسيقار
Talented singer and dancer, Myriam Fares is a breath of fresh air in the music scene and the creator of her own style. Myriam Fares was born in Kfar Shlel, a small village in Southern Lebanon, near Kfarhata  village. Fares’ took ballet lessons from age five, and at age nine earned first place on Tele-Liban (Al Mawahib Al Saghira) in Oriental dance. She registered at the National Conservatory of Music  and studied musicology for four years. At age 16, she participated in the Lebanese Song Festival where she won first prize for the public Lebanese song nomination. At 17 she participated in Studio el Fan 2000, representing the district of South Lebanon and earned first prize. Read more and watch video of this beautiful lady after the break... قراءة المزيد ومشاهدة الفيديو من هذه سيدة جميلة في الشوط الثاني...

Amal Hijazi or Amal Higazi is a popular Lebanese singer, model and pop icon known throughout the Arab world. Her major success began with the release of her second album, “Zaman” (The Past) which became a blockbuster sensation. Hijazi is known for the originality of her music videos and for her instantly recognizable voice and singing style. She has also been compared to the diverse Lebanese singers such as Nancy Ajram, Haifa Wehbe and Elissa. Read see more pictures after the break...

Dominique Hourani is a Lebanese singer, designer, actress, and model. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, she started as a model at a young age. Her father Youssef Hourani, is a historian, renowned archaeologist and writer. Dominique is an international beauty pageant title holder and well educated with her Masters Degree in Business Administration. She started as a model at very young age. She is very successful and popular in her home country and the Middle East that all her music videos helped her. In November 2007 she married Austrian naturalized Iranian businessman Ali Reza Almassi. In 2009 it was widely reported that Hourani despite having a secular husband show determination to share the same faith of her husband that she travelled with him to Iran to convert to Shia Islam and believed it will bring her closer to her husband and daughter. More images after the break...

Dissatisfaction expressed by the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram after insertion in the Egyptian Press name in more than one theme without justification, including the report published by a newspaper on charges of flagrant violations of the Minister of Environment Maged George Status of service vehicles to the State Nancy while she was in Egypt, and donated vehicles are considered the property of State, without having any entitlement to dispose of it.And so on, as alleged by the newspaper.

Preparing Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram to record a new song entitled «Love prevent Mahdash» words of the poet Nabil Khalaf and composed by Samir Sfeir and arranged by Tarek Madkour.
It is expected to include Nancy song to her new album, which is preparing to put forward this year, has requested from the author Nancy Nabil Khalaf Audio predominantly light to show which new Bniolok come as a surprise to the public. Read more after the break...

Rasha Lutfi particular – attempts a number of publishers of video clip failed to convince both the singer Shireen Abdul Wahab and their Lebanese counterparts Nancy Ajram new video clips filmed them with their two daughters.
The speculation and rumors may Atnchert inside the courtyard of musical scene during the recent years on the intention of a number of mothers singers create a new twist in the world of video clips over the emergence of their children with them as before singer Amr Diab Diverter Clape last Weah when he shared his son Abdullah as well as singer when Shaimaa Said involved her son, Hisham Abbas is also in the new Diverter Clape. Read more after the break...

MP made an inquiry to the Prime Minister on accusations that reports accusing the Minister of Environment Maged George, of “taking his family on 14 cars of the latest and most exquisite models owned by the Ministry, and a number of those cars at the disposal of the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram and her family, during a visit to Cairo.”
He called Hamdi Hassan, a member of the parliamentary bloc of the Muslim Brotherhood, President of the People’s “parliament” to investigate those allegations, published by the Egyptian party, he said that he said was “affecting the reputation and integrity of the Engineer Maged George, Minister of Environment.”
“There are accusations of improper prejudice the reputation and integrity of the financial environment minister and family have waited a few days to allow time for the Minister to lie or deny these accusations, however, shown in silence, pushing for more uncertainty.” Read more after the break...

نانسى عجرم
Ji Ji Amara business manager of Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram for the seventh day that Nancy did not contract so far with “Musica Arabica”, but it produced only the first two songs Sangel “Salemoly Aleh,” which put all Arab radio recently, and the second resulted in Nancy recorded yesterday The first, entitled “when I see you,” and Alognetan the words of Dr. Nabil Khalaf and composed by Walid Saad.
The Jiji, the singles will be filming a video clip during the next period, where the search was underway for a big director, get them out to be put up during the holiday season of love next. Read more after the break...

No wonder that Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram is one of the few known celebrities in their ability to stand fast on their feet after a specific incident or special circumstances.Taatda was seen this week in Beirut known as one of the stores just days after a crash on the TV of the future last.She looked very magnificence and the utmost enthusiasm Taatda for a new home, despite some obvious consequences of the accident on the same eyelid!
As for the details of the incident, the matter was not so serious as some believed.Nancy stumbled while leaving the future television last Sunday, which resulted in injuries to the top of the lids of one eye which she is taken to the hospital.However, the incident, fortunately, was simple did not lead to a broken leg, also published by some newspapers!

Product Lebanese said Mohammed Yasin, the owner «Arabica» Music to start cooperation with Nancy Ajram will be recording a second song entitled «when I see you» by the words of Nabil Khalaf, composed by Walid Saed and production of Arabica, after the first cooperation with Nancy song «Salemoly Aleh» production The company also raised in the market about two weeks, and conducts negotiations with Gigi Amara manager Nancy Ajram to produce a whole album with Arabica Music In the coming days will be announced once these negotiations, especially as the company is currently preparing to shoot singles on the way  clip in February the next, and no agreement on the name of the director who will work with the company.

After a short stint in hospital, died of “models” Syrian Samer Elias, a result of severe bleeding in the brain, after a dose of hormones injected to inflate the muscles.
Medical sources confirmed that the bleeding caused to the young viewer came by the use of injectable hormones that help to increase the body’s muscles, according to newspaper “minimum home” blog.
Appeared Elias -28 years – in more than a video clip for singing stars, where he participated in the clip “Enta eh” by the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram, as shown in the clip “Ask my heart” to fellow Nawal Al Zoghbi, in addition to appearing in a number of ads. Read and watch videos after the break...
Nancy Ajram was an accident when they leave the studio program, “Stay Home” through the channel of the future, accompanied by her manager, Gigi Amara.
Nancy stumbled forward in one of the corridors of the studio Unfortunately for Nancy tried to help one unscientific in order to avoid obstacles and carry the keys in her car keys in the eyelid Fangrzat Top Nancy causing her to bleeding necessitated transfer to the American University Hospital where she received first aid and have been sewing Jvenha with 4 stitches.

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram said during her interview with Zahi Wehbe in the “Stay Home” on the future, it is constantly thinking about the future and dream, Every year, more than dreams of the previous year ..And increased their dreams after the birth of her daughter, Milla, recognizing that it is still worried by each party of the concerts, and Dmatha generous, and vulnerable to any scene apologized to the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram to her fans who missed them, such as the New Year holiday, noting that the disease her only daughter was “a tendency “to their existence, where it was difficult to leave them alone, especially as they get sick the first time. Read more after the break...

Lebanese singer is preparing to shoot my people Ajram song “Salemoly Aleh” a video clip, put up by individual radio stations to broadcast at the beginning of 2010.
Osama Rushdi, CEO of “Arabica”, which produced a single song to Nancy in a statement to “After the success of the song (Salemoly Aleh) on all the Arab States Broadcasting decided to Nancy and Company (Arabica) to be filming a video clip for the song.”

Rushdie explained that the song from the words of the poet Nabil Khalaf and composed by Walid Saed and distributed Tamim, and are now negotiating with the director known for shooting the clip, then shooting the clip will be determined either in Egypt or Lebanon on the story of the clip and the director’s point of view. Read more after the break...

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram نانسي عجرم 2010 " بالهداوة " أغنية جديدة للفنانة نانسي عجرم 

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram نانسي عجرم " وحشاني يا مصر " جديد نانسي عجرم

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram نانسي عجرم جديد أغنية " مصر العروسة المحروسة " لنانسي عجرم

المطربة اللبنانية نانسي عجرم Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram

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